Life of A JuggaloEdit

Life as a Juggalo is more simple than you think. We live just like others but we're not. You see, we listen to ICP one of the most hated bands EVER and we don't give a fuck. We walk down the street and get threatened for having a Hatchetman T-Shirt, necklace, bracelet, ect.. We live life all about family and being down with the clown. We aren't down with the clown for 5 minutes we're down with the clown for life. We dress up by painting our faces no matter what day it is, Halloween is just a day where we also dress up but, we dress up as something we are and something we represent. We drink Faygo and eat whatever everyone else eats. We are people also we're just different kinds of people. Our FAMILY is our one and ONLY we don't care about anyone else. We help people in need and try our best to help those in need even if it takes up our time, space, or money (that clearly we don't have). That sums up life as a Juggalo minus the fact that we smoke weed.Edit

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